Approach Medical Ltd are pleased to announce that the company has signed an agreement with Gleen Company Ltd for the distribution of GleenMed’s range of fall prevention & medical internet of things (IoT) devices.

Chris Symonds, Managing Director, Approach Medical Ltd, “We are very pleased to have concluded this agreement with GleenMed, who are a global leader in manufacturing medical devices for fall prevention. The GleenMed fall prevention range has a number of innovative products which will assist our existing Guardian Sentry Fall Management system to continue to deliver outstanding results in reducing falls, patient harm and costs for the NHS. An exciting opportunity will be the addition of new devices for the internet of things (IoT) which we will add to the range as they become available through 2019. This will allow Guardian Sentry to be used to reduce patient harm across all care applications and deliver real-time medical grade data for all patient types. The GleenMed products are now available via the Shared Business Services national framework agreement for the supply of patient fall equipment alongside Guardian Sentry”.

Patrick Ng, Director, Gleen Company Ltd, “Approach Medical has built an excellent reputation within the UK market for delivering reductions in fall rates and costs to the NHS. Adding the GleenMed fall prevention & management products to the Shared Business Services national framework will allow the NHS access to both the Guardian Sentry Fall Management and the GleenMed range of reusable fall prevention devices. We look forward to working with Approach Medical to develop the UK market”.

Approach Medical Ltd is a UK manufacturer and distributor of products that prevent patient harm and reduce costs for the NHS. All of its fall prevention system and products are available via the Shared Business Services national framework agreement for the supply of fall prevention products and services.

Gleen Company Ltd has developed and manufactured Medical and Health Care Products since 2008. We specialize in wireless products, elderly health care products & accessories, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our Fall Management System provides a complete wireless solution for Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and “Ageing” at Home.