Bed & Chair Occupancy Receiver &amp Alarm.
This receiver triggers an alarm on exit from bed or chair.

Key Features Include:

Works with up to 4 sensor devices
Signal lost alarm
3 ring tone options
Delay option
High – low volume option
Compatible with Bed & Chair sensor pads
Extended battery life
Mounting bracket included

Benefits to staff and patients:

Monitor up to 4 beds, or 2 beds and 2 chairs
Notification If a sensor or receiver isn’t working
As you get to know your patient alarms can be delayed to reduce false alarms and noise levels
Overcoming ward noise or reducing stress
Use with single patient use/length of stay or reusable bed pad
Reduced maintenance

Contact us to purchase or ask your procure department to find this product on the NHS Shared Business Services Framework PRODUCTS TO AID THE PREVENTION OF PATIENT FALLS